Interesting Links

J.S. Bach:

"To have good knowledge of playing and conducting, to understand how to treat an organ well and to take proper care of it, are qualities inevitably required of a good organist."

Links to Music Publishers

Check these publishers, they all speak English, and will most the time ship to North America. I am willing to assist if necessary.

- Con-Passione (Klaas Jan Mulder, Andre van Vliet, Marco den Toom)

- Cantique (Cor van Dijk, and many others)

- Wim Zwart, Zaandam (Martin Mans and others)

- Broekmans en Van Poppel, Amsterdam (any sheet music - they will get it...)

- Boeijenga, Veenhuizen (music for the worship services, before and after)

Used sheet music:

- Wim Zwart, Zaandam

- Gebruiktebladmuziek