Liturgical Year


During the Reformation in the 16th century music in the church took a new direction. John Calvin's Genevan Psalter has been sung by the church ever since.

Why would we need a Liturgical Year?

The Canadian Reformed Churches do not (officially) have a Liturgical Calendar. However, the use of a Liturgical Calendar is based on Scripture. Our order of worship ('B') started to create awareness of the liturgical background of the order of worship and liturgy in general.

Scriptural Reference

In the Synagogue the Jews were used to read through the Scriptures in a systematic way. The early Christian Church continued to use a system way to read through Scripture.

After the Reformation many Reformed Churches abandoned the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and with it the Liturgical Calendar. However, today many Protestant denominations use some type of Liturgical Calendar in their worship services and church live again. 

A Liturgical Calendar is not only of great importance to the congregational worship (not only on Sundays), it also serves role in personal study of Scripture...