J.S. Bach:

"To have good knowledge of playing and conducting, to understand how to treat an organ well and to take proper care of it, are qualities inevitably required of a good organist."


It is not difficult to order sheetmusic online. There are many websites with many titles, but often it is difficult to know which music to order. Here are some suggestions.

For classical organ music, publishers like Barenreiter and Peters have an increadible selection. Music from J.S. Bach, Handel, Buxtehude, etc. have been published there. Schirmer publised also a lot of music for organ, under wich many albums.


Specific organ sheet music

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Sheetmusic about the Psalms (Genevan)

There are bundles available that have all 150 Psalms and some hymns, with preludes and chorales. The preludes are generally too long for a short introduction, but you could take the first or last part of the prelude.

- An online version is published by Gerrit Veldman. (Free to use, but no distribution, sales, etc.) (He also published hymns, some of these are also known in the English language).

- Dick Sanderman's Psalmbook was reprinted recently. Simon Landsman wrote a Psalmbook with the 150 Psalms, Leen Schippers as well, and so did W.H. Zwart, and Jaap Niewenhuijse and many more.

- Then there are the choral variations about the Genevan tunes, published in bundles. Many know the bundles by Martin Mans, Sietze de Vries, Jan van Gijn, Loonstra, Gerrit 't Hart, Willem van Twillert, etc. etc.


Where to purchase?

Check these publishers, they all speak Dutch, and will most the time ship to North America. I am willing to assist if necessary.

- Con-Passione (Klaas Jan Mulder, Andre van Vliet, Marco den Toom)

- Cantique (Cor van Dijk, and many others)

- Wim Zwart, Zaandam (Martin Mans and others)

- Broekmans en Van Poppel, Amsterdam (any sheet music - they will get it...)

- Boeijenga, Veenhuizen (music for the worship services, before and after)

Used sheetmusic:

- Wim Zwart, Zaandam

- Gebruiktebladmuziek


Sheetmusic for piano


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Sheetmusic for choir