Organ and Organist

J.S. Bach:

"To have good knowledge of playing and conducting, to understand how to treat an organ well and to take proper care of it, are qualities inevitably required of a good organist."


What is the RCCO

The Royal Canadian College of Organists (1909) is Canada’s oldest musicians’ association. Members (1350) of the nation wide organization are professional and amateur organists, church musicians, choral conductors, and others sharing an interest in the organ and church music. 
The RCCO assists its members in the development and practice of fine organ and choral performance and sound musicianship, and works to promote those interests in the wider Canadian public.  It also provides members with advice and information, both through its National and Centre professional concerns officers, and a nation-wide network of colleagues. 

The RCCO in British Columbia

More information about the RCCO activities in British Columbia can be fount on the website

Aims and Objectives

-To promote a high standard of organ playing, choral directing, church music and composition. 

-To hold examinations in organ playing, choir directing, theory and general knowledge of music; to grant diplomas to members of the College who pass such examinations. 

-To encourage organ recitals and other public music events and to afford opportunities for the discussion of topics of musical interest. 

-To increase understanding and appreciation among church musicians, church authorities and the public at large of matters relating to church music.

Organs are definitely not ‘dead’; there are many organ builders active building the most beautiful instruments. Many congregations are investing a lot in one or more powerful organs in their church buildings. Many activities are organized displaying the fine sound of these instruments, involving skilled musicians and capable congregational choirs.  With the assistance of the RCCO and their resources, more people might become interested in playing the organ and accompanying the congregation. 

RCCO Examinations  

Examinations of the Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) are held annually for the diplomas of Colleague, Associate, Fellow and Choir Directing, as well as the certificate in Service playing, “all of which test and provide recognition for achievements in organ performance and musical knowledge” (quoted from the RCCO yearbook).
RCCO examinations will improve skills of organists and thus improve the quality of accompaniment of congregational singing, and the music in the worship service in general. 

Organ Scholarships  

Thousands of dollars are available for organ students. More information about Scholarships for Organ is available via the RCCO website

For more information about the RCCO, contact the headquarters in Ontario: phone 416.929.6400, email