Organ and Organist

J.S. Bach:

"To have good knowledge of playing and conducting, to understand how to treat an organ well and to take proper care of it, are qualities inevitably required of a good organist."

Home Study Organs

Church organists and candidate church organists need to  practice. The ideal situation is when an organist has an organ at home that is easily accessible and that is a good representation of the organ in the church. 

Electronic organ manufacturers have done a great job in imitating the real pipe organ. For a relatively low price (compared with a real pipe organ) an organists can produce a pretty good sound in the living room, which will be an excellent environment to practice literature as well as the Psalms and Hymns for Sundays worship services. 

Electronic Organs are available in different qualities and in different sizes: for the starting organist and for the advanced musician. Used electronic organs are normally also available for a reasonable price from a (local) reseller. 

Please find below some of the manufacturers of electronic organs and what they say about one of their 3-manual instruments. Visit their websites for more information...


Johannus Organs (the Netherlands)
The Opus series are designed for living room and chapel. The simple, but timeless design of the cabinets makes the Opus a sought-after organ.
The organs feature the unique two-in-one technology. Pushing a button lets you switch from American Classic to Baroque voices without a problem. In this way, even with a limited disposition, you are able to play practically the entire organ literature.
(These organs are sold worldwide via a wide distributor service network.)


Allen Organs (USA)
"Protégé™ organs prove that you can have lavish styling and rich sound without price tags to match. Featuring the same advanced sampling methods and the handcrafted console construction used in our deluxe models, Protégé™ delivers legendary Allen sound and quality without breaking your budget.
Through the efficiency of Allen manufacturing and the economy of Lumitech Capture, Protégé™ offers three-manual instruments at prices comparable to competitive two-manual models."

Rogers Canada

Rodgers Instruments (Canada)
"The Rodgers 905B Organ is a special value lower-priced three manual organ that includes Rodgers famous stereophonic sampled, imaged stereophonic pipe organ sound. It includes many of the features of the Rodgers Trillium Organs. With 67 total speaking stops available, the Rodgers 905B is the highest value, best choice for churches seeking a quality three manual organ on a limited budget."